Sunday, December 4, 2016

Happy holidays

December just started and we are getting closer to the end of 2016, we hope that you all had a great year, and we hope that 2017 will be better for everyone.

We are thankful for all users and partners who helped us to make this a great year for SimLab Soft, and we promise to work hard to surprise you with great things in 2017.

We just started our end of year offers to make it even easier to get access to SimLab Composer and SimLab plugins, please find below our offers, details are available here

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Adding support for SketchUp 2017

SimLab Soft updated all SketchUp plugins to support SketchUp 2017.

For a full list of 3D plugins supporting SketchUp 2017, please check the following link

Thursday, November 10, 2016

SimLab Composer 7.2.3

A new minor version of SimLab Composer is now available.

This new version (SimLab Composer 7.2.3) adds:
  • Support to SketchUp 2017, and SolidWorks 2017
  • Adds simplified chinese one of the options for viewing the interface of SimLab Composer. 
  • makes it easy to experiment with real time rendering capabilities of SimLab Composer even before getting a trial license. 
The new version is ready for download from the following link

Sunday, October 16, 2016

3D measurements for Architectural models

Recently mechanical design community started the move from creating 2D drafts to adding measurements to 3D models, this not only saved cost needed to create and maintain 2D drafts, it made it easier to communicate the data, where the user can simply view dimensions and rotate the model to make sure she/he understands the relative position of the dimension in the 3D space.

At SimLab Soft, we thought that this can be of value to architects as well to communicate with end users of their models, so we added new tools to create annotations, linear, and angler measurements. Those measurements can be easily shared with end users as 3D PDF files.

The following quick tutorial shows this new feature in SimLab Composer 7.2.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Complete 3D visualization for Architects, Mechanical and Interior designers

SimLab Composer 7.2 Released

SimLab Composer is the complete 3D visualization and simulation solution for Architects, Mechanical and Interior designers. One package for Rendering, Animating, 3D PDF Creation, Texture backing and advanced Scene composition

With the release of SimLab Composer 7.2, new major features were added to improve the workflow for creating top quality visualization results.

New for Architects and Interior designers:

Auto alignment: making it easy to add new internal and external elements to the scene.
3D measurement: new tool for adding Linear, Radial, Angler measurements, and Annotations for houses and interior scenes. Linking this capability with advanced scene states, allows the user to communicate 3D designs with dimensions as 3D PDF files.
Door and windows opening tools: to make it easy to add advanced doors and windows design to a 3D room.
Floor plan extrude: providing the basic tools to create a sketch and to convert it to a simple 3D room, to start working on the interior design project.
Street design: New tool allowing the user to easily add streets to architectural models.

New for Mechanical designers

​Wire Creation: To Improve Realism of 3D Scenes
3D measurement: Allowing the designer to easily communicate measurements of the model with the end user 
Boolean operations: including difference, union, and intersection
Basic design tools: including sweep and extrude to enable the user to complete the scene without reverting to a 3D design application.

Learn how the new features will help you in your next project

The permanent license of SimLab Composer pro costs only $299

21 days free trial of SimLab Composer 7.2 on windows and Mac can be downloaded from the following link

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Utilizing dynamic simulation to create engineering Art

Dynamic simulation workbench included in SimLab Composer can be used to provide loads for FEA analysis, and to check the motion behavior and range for dynamic systems. It can also be a great tool for creating advanced animations.

While Keyframe based animation allows the user to create animations for simple systems. It is very difficult to use it to create animations for complex dynamic systems like Robots.

For similar systems, defining constraints and utilizing the dynamic simulation analysis for creating the animation saves the user a significant amount of time, and allow for the creation of advanced animations not achievable easily by utilizing Keyframe based animation.

The following is an example created and rendered using SimLab Composer mechanical edition.

The following workflow description shows the advantage gained by using dynamic simulation in creating the animation.